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We like to say "We're not too big, and not too small, when it comes to the banking service you deserve." When it comes to taking care of our customers' needs we're committed to doing the right thing. You'll find that's true with our staff at every branch. We have the service and technology you can expect, but like everything, it's still the people that count. And that's where we excel - providing the best people to assist you in your banking needs.


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24-Hour banking services


With our Online Banking and Ecorp Online Banking products you can manage your personal or business accounts online, 24 hours a day. Online Banking is for individual, personal customers while Ecorp Online Banking is for business customers. You can also pay your personal or business bills online through CheckFree using these Online Banking products. We also have E-Statements, which is an electronic image of your checking account statement that we can email to you instead of sending the normal paper statement. You can save the statements on your PC for future reference. E-Statements are encrypted and password protected so you can feel confident your financial information is safe.


With the use of a touch-tone phone, you can obtain your account balance anytime and confirm checks, automatic payments, or VISA Check Card transactions that have cleared your account. Just call 877.494.2265 (toll free).

VISA Check Card

If you qualify for our VISA Check Card you can use it at thousands of locations. You can use it as an ATM card or a Check Card. It's a card that works like a check. When used to make purchases you can use the convenient "Cash Back" feature to receive cash back, thereby saving you foreign ATM charges when they apply.

Money Services

For those times when you can't use cash, personal checks, or credit cards, Iowa-Nebraska State Bank offers convenient money services for all your needs.

  • Cashier's Checks
  • VISA Travel Money Cards
  • VISA Gift Cards
  • Money Orders
  • Domestic and Foreign Wire Transfers

Other Services Include

  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Night Depository
  • Bank by Mail
  • Drive-up Banking
  • Check Printing
  • Photocopies
  • VISA/MasterCard Cash Advances
  • Fax
  • Notary Services

Please call us at 402-494-4225 (1-800-494-6720 toll free) or stop by or call one of our branch locations for more information on these services.