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We like to say "We're not too big, and not too small, when it comes to the banking service you deserve." When it comes to taking care of our customers' needs we're committed to doing the right thing. You'll find that's true with our staff at every branch. We have the service and technology you can expect, but like everything, it's still the people that count. And that's where we excel - providing the best people to assist you in your banking needs.


INSB Education Center

Online Banking Education Center


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Great News - Save Money!

We are excited to let you know about a new service to identify SURCHARGE-FREE ATMs in Nebraska and nationwide. There are over 1,200 surcharge-free ATM machines in Nebraska ( and tens of thousands surcharge-free machines, coast to coast, ( located where you live, work and travel. The locaters will help you find the most convenient ATM location to use your card surcharge-free. You can also find surcharge-free ATMs when you are away from your computer by using the free, easy-to-use apps for Android and iPhone.


FraudWatch PLUS: Debit Card Fraud Protection

FraudWatch PLUS 3Click here to read about debit card fraud and how FraudWatch PLUS protects you.

If your VISA Debit Card is lost or stolen
please call 1-800-264-5578 immediately.

INSB Education Center

Our INSB Education Center will give you valuable information about our Online Banking system as well as information about Online Bill Pay, Enhanced Online Security and Phishing/ID Theft. It is an audio and video presentation that is very easy to follow. Check it out will like it! 

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